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  • Mits Kuhada

    Can you post more pics of girls and fifa World Cup..? More girls :)

  • Nathan Binding

    Hi Guys,

    Are you going to make more collections, would like to see the blur wallpapers all in one place – also I know this is a new project, but are there plans to migrate wallpapers over from freeios7?

  • Brandon Parr

    Can you please make a Sons Of Anarchy wallpaper

  • nimu

    Everyone requests wallpapers. But today I want to take a moment and thank you all for doing such good work!

  • Jon

    Make this into a wallpaper for iPad Air and iPhone 5 please!

    • Jon


  • Vkshah

    Can u pls make wallpapers of buildings and architecture ??..would love to see a category on the same

  • Nina

    More Disney wallpapers, such as dalmatians and aristocats. Thanks a lot!

  • Brian

    this site rocks!

  • temp

    This is not a wallpaper request but however could you guys make it easier to download wallpapers like your other website where within a click of a button under the wallpaper you could download the wallpaper
    However now, you have to browse through categories to download wallpaper such as you would have to click on Apple first if you wanna download a wallpaper for Iphone 5

    • Thanks for your feedback~ we are working on it to make it easier! :)

  • Charles McGraw

    Make this a parallax wallpaper for iPhone 5s please!?

  • Charles McGraw

    Can you make this a parallax wallpaper for iPhone 5s?

  • Donovan Trieu

    This one please

  • Gerardo Contreras

    I would really like to see more Dodgers wallpapers, like the Dodger Stadium. By the way I really like what you guys are doing. Keep up the great work.

  • John Pete

    Make a watch dogs wallpaper

  • Jon

    I’m glad that I can use a lot of these for my desktop.

  • Ultron

    this one please

  • Fookya

    I’d be sooo happy if you make wallpaper from Slamdunk anime. The only show that represent my childhood. Sounds like retard but pleaseee.

  • Hermes

    laura vandervoort please :)

  • Егор

    Hi! Please add this photo on your site!:)

  • Егор

    This photo)

    • Try again in different device please ;(

  • Peggy

    This one please. I’m still having captain America feels.
    Thanks :)

  • Peggy

    This one please.
    Thanks :)

  • Jaemin Yeo

    My Dog’s Best Shot.

  • Jaemin Yeo

    My dog

  • Luca

    More pattern wallpapers please! Thanks for the amazing job you do!

  • G.

    This one, please. Thanks for the amazing job. :D

  • b3_man

    Any Hello Kitty wallpaper for iPad? :)

  • There’s no doubt that you guys do awesome work. 99% of other wallpaper sites just disappoint me. So thanks again from me and everyone I’ve gotten to use your sites.

    • Thanks Rezn :) Site design will get better-

  • bighead

    hello, my good helper
    first, I really want to say ‘this site is my favorite site’ :) And manager is korean ?? I can see many korean star…
    by the way, I request johnny deep wore glasses and a beard…please

    • Cool –
      I am working to improve the design, so the sites and papers will get better!
      I am Canadian btw- :)

  • SethLongworth

    Starry Night please :)

  • cindy_5sos

    Luke Hemmings

    • lauren

      They already did him (not this picture though)

  • cindy_5sos


  • Marcio Luiz

    First: i love the site, used freeios7 but this is the best.
    Please make wallpapers about series bates motel, the walking dead, and the brazilian serie ” o negocio “. Thanksss

  • Tom

    This one or similar Game of Thrones Wallpapers please in 2880×2560

  • Guest

    This one for ipad please :)

  • Tess

    These for iPad Air please

  • Arno Dorian

    this one please

  • bighead

    hello, my friend
    again me!
    Can i ask something? as usual,felt happy:), I downloaded your image.
    but what happen!! I showed ‘CLICK HERE FULL RESOLUTION’in image…so what can i do for it? please help me :(
    ps. And where is jonny depp was request last time. I can’t find it. have my eyes some problem?can i go to doctor?:D
    Anyway, thanks for your work

    • Hi, Bighead-
      May I ask you which wallpaper have that ‘click here full resolution’ text on? and How did you download it?
      Jonny depp is coming :) there was wallpapers in queue ahead of Mr. Depp. ;)
      Thanks for your Request again!

      • bighead

        ab86-wallpaper-batman-by-bats-pattern-darknight – this picture makes problem or others too
        First, I choose size of iPhone5 but actually I not use iPhone. just this size is fitted my phone that Android.
        And I saved image. long touch than I see button said ‘save image’. that is all.
        So what’s problem?
        Anyway thanks your reply everytime :) really kind man.
        ps. I sorry to my English. I can’t English well

        • :) cannot find any problem – choose the size, then click the arrow button on the right – this will initiate download, or show the photo!

          • bighead

            :( I followed every step but that’ not problem. I think size of iphone.I can download size of samsung. so don’t think about this problem.

          • Cool :) Which phone are you using btw?

          • bighead

            I used pantech’s vega iron2.
            :)thanks every your work

  • Jaydon Han

    Can U make one for the New Album of Maroon 5? It Was Always you By Maroon 5

  • bighead

    OMG!!:) real crazy guy! Now I can see jonny.
    How you can find fitted photo? you are my Genie!!! Thanks friend. see you later

  • harish

    plz upload some good wallpapers of neymar

  • Eduardo

    Could you get to us some of the iPhone 5c colorful wallpapers, please?!

  • Vkshah

    Can you please post a wallpaper of the big bang theory…thanking you in advance

    • Vkshah

      Thank you guys….the wallpaper is awesome!!…love your website, continue the great work.

  • Charles McGraw

    iPhone 5 plzzzzz

  • Charles McGraw

    iPhone 5

  • Hugo

    Can you make two wallpapers for the iPhone 5s.. 1. Hood by air logo 2. Ovo owl logo

  • Hugo

    Can you make an Iphone 5 ova owl wallpaper in white?

  • hassan

    I need bleach wallpapers

  • Мариян Георгиев

    this one is my photo . post it for all please

  • Мариян Георгиев


  • Brandon83day

    I don’t have a picture of the wallpaper. It’s was one Apple showed on the Keynote event 2014. It was a picture out by the ocean almost like a side view of a mountain island. I seen the picture on both phones. I don’t think it was a wallpaper. I know it would make I good wallpaper. All I could find was the top half.

  • Brandon83day

    Ok sorry here is the wallpaper I would like. It’s part of it can’t find a full image it was shown in the 2014 keynote. Not in iOS 8 though. I thought it was nice. If it don’t post I’ll send it to yall on your Twitter page. I’ll put it on y’all’s Twitter page. My Twitter name is Brandon83day I’ll request it on Twitter. Says image is to big to put on here.
    Thanks, Brandon

    • still couldn’t find big enough photo to make wallpaper out of it~

  • gatakisas

    Can you do one Ed Sheeran please and another one with Matt Bomer with caption of “Laters, baby” ? :D

  • Eduardo Porcayo

    I would love to have one piece wallpapers on this website!

  • Eduardo Porcayo

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, could you make this a wallpaper for ipad mini (non-retina)?

  • Eduardo Porcayo


  • Ang KeLvin

    The maze runner please?

  • Guest

    for iphone 5s pls

  • Jeremy James Byron Dy

    for iphone 5s please

  • Ash Doyle

    Will you be adding iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus resolutions?

    • Guest

      Added! Please test new sizes-~

    • Yes- 6 and 6 plus sizes added! please try them :)

      • Ash Doyle

        Thank you for adding the new sizes. I am able to change the device to “iPhone 6” on Safari on my laptop and download the wallpapers, but on iOS Safari on my phone and iPad (both iOS 8) it simply times out when I choose attempt to choose “iPhone 6” or “iPhone 6 Plus” as my device.

        • I will check into that problem…

          • Ash Doyle

            Sorry for the slow response. The problem went away on all my iOS devices a couple of hours after I posted the issue. All is well now, and I’m enjoying some awesome wallpapers on my new phone.

        • Try refreshing the page on Safari, and it might work- Pls try :)

  • Hugo

    Can you make wallpapers for the iPhone 6 please

  • shady


  • Nozzang

    Roh Moo Hyun wallpaper please!!

  • Divesh Aveiro Balak

    This one for s4 mini please

  • Hugo

    Iphone 6 option not working?

    • Anyone else with the same iphone 6 download problem? it works on me.
      Please try refresh the cache and try again.. Let me know how it goes!

  • nimu

    A Yosemite background but blurred
    EDIT: a slight vignette would be cool

  • Vladlen Erokhin

    Green Lotus iPhone 6 wallpeper plz!!

  • Tiger Guy

    Please add Elli Avram wallpapers to the iPhone collection. Thank you.

  • Guest

    for iphone 5!!

  • Guest

    for iphone 5 please

  • lauren

    Make a 5 seconds of summer wallpaper please!! Also, I love your wallpapers! I use them all the time! Thank you for your hard work!

  • Franc

    This one for iphone 5 please!

    • Franc

      pic not uploaded?

    • ekin

      who’s that?

      • Jae An

        Ashlyn Pearce

  • Hugo

    Can you make wallpaper for iPhone 6 like this..
    Or something similar

  • Hugo

    Can you make a wallpaper with this?
    Or something similar?

  • Hugo

    Make something like that! I bet so many people would download it! Iphone 6 pleaseeee

  • Bi!gee

    Can u cut this wall for me Please i really need this on my iPhones Please

  • Hugo

    Can you make something like this into a iPhone 6 wallpaper?

  • Jonathan Terrasi

    Can you release the “mf02-nature-mountain-high-black-field” wallpaper you posted just today in the original color version? The original uncut image is stunning and it would be great to capture the vivid colors but cut to fit my screen. Thanks!

  • Nitish

    no wallpapers for LG G Pad 8.3? Resolution: 1200×1920

  • Guest

    Can you make this into a iPhone 6 wallpaper?

  • Hugo

    Can you make this into a iPhone 6 wallpaper?!?

  • Tuấn Anh Trần

    can you make Liverpool wallpaper for iphone 5s? thanks so much

  • Amber Smith

    Can we get a Manchester United for iPhone 6?

  • Eduardo

    Please: Apple October 16th event: “It’s been way too long” !!!

  • Manraj Chahal

    Can You make military wallpapers ?? Please…much appreciated

  • Bruh Yeet

    Defalt from watchdogs

  • Hugo

    No offense to this website but I really liked the wallpapers you guys were posting now it’s seems to be getting repetitive. Went from a 100 to a 0 real quick. Positive criticism. Hopefully you guys can renew your ideas and start posting some cool and fresh wallpapers.

    • Thanks for your comment! Agreed.
      We were focusing on some server maintenance / website design issues for recent few weeks –
      We will surely get refreshed and focus our eye back onto creative wallpapers!
      Thanks again Hugo- :)

  • Rebecca Santiago

    Hell Girl Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo please.

  • Jacob Wall

    This one!

  • Mordecai TheFirst Marshall


  • Leo

    this one please. i love this pic very much.

  • Andrew

    Is it possible to get this in 2560×1080?

    • Andrew

      Edit pic added

    • Here we go- Is this for dual monitor?

    • Here we go – is this for dual monitors?

    • Here we go – is this for dual monitor?

      • Andrew

        It is a single monitor, just really wide

      • Martin George

        love this starry night too, want this in 1920×1200. thx

  • Richard

    this one please for motorola moto g

  • Vincent Einstein

    I need a wallpaper of galaxy s4: a children take the balloons!

  • another fan

    Natalie Dormer please! :)

  • Snow Leopard

    Please, do some Madonna walpapers.

  • Lloyd

    ARCTIC MONKEYS!!!!!!!! …Please :)

  • Lloyd

    Oh, and a pic of Willow Holland :p

  • Vamsi YS

    Can you get this for 1366×768 please? It is a minimalist rc aircraft wallpaper

  • Ivanovic Tan

    i would suggest Gundam 00 second season , and gundam seed destiny

  • Guest

    Happy diwali to everyone from India

  • Guest

    Happy diwali to everyone, from India

    • Happy Diwali~! :) festival of lights

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Please cut This image

  • Santiago Torrico Hinojosa

    Cut This image please!!!

    • Santiago Torrico Hinojosa

      This one

  • Eriwanto Panjaitan

    Please make a Sony Experia text in the middle on a dark theme, and coldplay band too :) thank to all contributors

  • bharath jain

    This is my fav image on my 5s gold.. Make it better n sharper n for all d gold devices out there..

  • Егор

    Please post this photO

  • Guest

    This for iPad Air and iPhone 5s please ><

  • Guest

    This one for iPad Air and iPhone 5s please ><

  • Guest

    this for ipad air , and iphone 5s please

  • Ryan VanLiere

    Disney Peter Pan and/or a Paper Mario one, please.

  • Tuấn Anh Trần

    elizabeth olsen please

  • vasanthgnanavel


    • We don’t do personal photos ;)

  • vasanthgnanavel

    destop wallpaper

  • vasanthgnanavel

    modi g..

  • vasanthgnanavel

    BRS rangasamy..

  • Guest

    This for iPad mini retina?

  • Spiros Braziotis

    This for iPad mini retina

  • Guest

    Michael clifford

  • Maurice Lewis

    Can you please do this in 2208X2208 for iPhone 6 Plus? A updated nod to original iphone
    Clown fish

  • pastelmania

    iphone 6/6+ lotus flower (sky blue/blue) with WHITE background please!!

  • Hugo

    Can you make a black Miami Heat wallpaper?

  • Guest

    Can someone make this for the iPhone 6 please

  • Vasili Polyzos

    Can someone make this for the iPhone 6

  • Vasili Polyzos

    Can someone make this for iphone 6?

    • Rodrigo Lopez

      What is that?

    • Rotche


  • wesleyb947

    Can this one of Jessica Nigri be done?

  • wesleyb947

    Requesting a resize because cats.

  • Tess

    Can you please do a far cry 4 wallpaper?

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    Please convert this to iphone 5.

  • Neel Parikh

    Make this for iPhone 5

  • Lina

    A big hero 6 one.Preferabbly with all of them in it!

  • Martin

    Is there any chance of having a minion/christmas related wallpaper for iPhone 6 Plus? Like a minion in a christmas setting wearing a santa hat or something? :) that would be awesome! Keep up the good work guys!

  • Juanjo Sánchez

    From NowPaper… Please, for iPhone 6 Plus or others

  • Juanjo Sánchez

    These ones please… Material design for iPhone 6 plus

  • Nanang Kurniawan

    This one for iPhone 5 please…

  • Big Hero 6

    Do this one plz…

  • wesleyb947

    Another Jessica Nigri resize request. Last one came out awesome! :)

  • Christie Schiller Gee

    Would love to see this one

  • Patrick

    More big hero 6, deadpool and batman wallpapers please!! Keep up the good work!!

  • don

    Can you post Guardians of the galaxy wallpapers please?

  • Mohamed Ashraf Al-sheikh

    for iphone 5

  • Mohamed Ashraf Al-sheikh

    iphone 5

  • Mohamed Ashraf Al-sheikh

    for iphone 5

    • Bruno Ševčenko

      did this one for you :) kinda squished

  • Guest

    I’d like to see these with a white background

  • Prince

    I’d like to see these with a white background. That would be nice

    • Bruno Ševčenko

      i only did one :P hope you like it

  • another fan

    Hi! Emilia Clarke please!
    You guys are awesome btw xoxo

  • wesleyb947

    Just finished watching Guardians of the Galaxy so it’s obvious im going to need a resize for this :)

  • Guest

    Can you try this one please?

  • Kevonito

    Could you try this one please

  • Will

    Can you please make this into an iPad mini and iPhone 5s wallpaper?

  • Ben

    Jose mourinho version of this picture (same look)

  • Laurentiu Adrian

    More with lana del rey

  • wesleyb947

    I dont have a good reason for wanting this one done hahah but i like it

  • Guest

    More like this please!

  • Влад

    More like this please!
    Oops! 2 same pics… Sorry

  • Nancy Son

    More christmas wallpapers please. Thanks! :)

  • JuanLaker_24

    how to I share some of my photography?

  • Subhrangsu Sekhar Das

    please ds1

  • Subhrangsu Sekhar Das

    this 1 too

  • Subhrangsu Sekhar Das

    for moto e please

  • Subhrangsu Sekhar Das

    for moto e

  • Subhrangsu Sekhar Das

    this one please

  • OverratedWinger

    This please, for the G2 Mini.

    Thanks in advance.

  • sushi max

    How about adding z3 tablet compact resolution? :) 1900×1200

  • Ibrahim Irshad

    Chamillionaire for iPhone 5/5s, please!

  • Guest

    Could you make Batman arkham knight, Uncharted 4, Assassin’s creed rouge, and Middle earth shadow of Morder

  • This for 6/6+

  • Akash Roy

    Can u do a guns & roses or just an axl rose wallpaper, in black and white! That’d be great.

    Thanks :)

  • wesleyb947

    Because Halo: MCC is awesome :)

  • Guest

    this is 6 size ..
    I want 6 Plus Size …Please

  • Shinhye Han

    I want 6 Plus Size …Please

  • Guest

    this one into 2160*1920 resolution

  • Vikas

    this one into 2160*1920

  • T-boys

    Korean Music star ‘Seotaiji’s pic for iPhone6 plz…

  • Kevonito


  • Phong Vu

    These, please!

  • Subhrangsu Sekhar Das

    for moto e

  • Alex Godpa

    Please kindly make these fotos for iPhone 6.. Borh home screen and lock screen.

  • Alex Godpa

    These plsz for iPhone 6 both Home and Lock screen

  • Neo Ajaka

    Amazing job!!
    I hope you make an app version out of this website & add the ability to search soon
    Please add this Xperia Z wallpaper to your website, I’d be glad to have it on my iPhone 6 & in HD :) thank you!

    • there’s search bar at the bottom! :)

  • Nan

    This one for xperia z2 and z3

  • Nan

    This one for xperia z2 and z3 too

  • Nan

    This one for xperia z2 and z3 too ^^

  • Nan

    This last one kk for xperia z2 and z3

  • Leandro Hartmann

    Add more pictures for FarCry4 and Shadow of Mordor, games :D Please!

  • Tess

    Can you do a dragon age inquisition wallpaper please?

  • sin

    please,,, lovelive! image …. honoka, nozomi ㅜㅜ iphone6, ipad mini retina

  • Subhrangsu Sekhar Das

    must do it

  • Влад

    These 2 please

  • dmcn88

    This one please. Thank you.

  • Noaman Azhar

    Please make a similar wallpaper for iPhone 6 by using Chelsea FC logo instead!

  • Amir Hackett

    Please please if you could make something like this for the iPhone 6+

    • Amir Hackett

      And this

  • Nan

    More one suggestion

  • Carlos Guerrero

    Can you cut this to IPhone 5s and IPad mini resolution please? :)

  • Allan

    These please and thank you (for iphone 6 and macbook 13 inch)

  • Subhrangsu Sekhar Das

    it would be very nice

  • Drosecraze

    Can you make this for iphone 5

  • asdf

    iPad Air 2 and iPhone 5 please!

  • asdf

    iPad Air 2 and iPhone 5 please!!

  • Rakshit

    Pls upload a minimal Chelsea logo wallpaper

  • aljohn


  • Konqi

    please add 1440×2560 size for qHD displays

    • Please select Samsung Edge – it is 1440 x 2560 qHD

      • Konqi

        thank you. it would be great to have a manual size choosing option. to select the wallpaper version by the size, not only by the device, that would add more usability to this great website.

  • Kam

    Can I please get a bob Marley, New Orleans Saints, and a snake wallpaper for an iPhone 6 plus?

    • you love snakes~

      • Kam

        Yes I am guilty. My have attached a picture of my snakes. Is it possible that this could be made into a wallpaper?

      • Kam

        Yes I do. I actually own several. So that’s I ask for them as wallpaper. I appreciate and thank you for your hardwork.

      • Kam

        Yeah I kind of sort a do. I also, the aforementioned request, can I get all those for a 13″ MacBook Pro Retina Display?

      • Kam

        Yes I do.

  • G-Ann Byeol

    martin garrix..

  • make lots of Ian Somerhalder please. thank you X

  • Влад

    This one for iphone 6 plus please.

  • nikitas222

    Please for IPhone 5

  • Logan Young

    How about a Skyrim/The Elder Scrolls Wallpaper for Macbook 15″? Please and thank you magical people who make wallpapers!

  • Jonathan Terrasi

    This isn’t so much a request as a question. I’ve downloaded great wallpapers from this site for a while, but now I have a new phone that’s not listed and was wondering which cut I should download to get the optimal fit. My new phone is 1080 x 1920 resolution. Which phone should I click on before downloading a wallpaper?

    • Samsung S5 would fit well!

      • Jonathan Terrasi

        I looked at the S5 download and it is a square image, not the rectangular portrait I was expecting. Does the S5 have some kind of parallax feature? If so, is there something that comes in the same portrait ratio as 1080 x 1920? Sorry to be so picky, but I appreciate your help!

  • Lorenço Gonzaga

    Publish my version of this wallpaper that I found at
    Thanx and cheers

  • Mayank Kesarkar

    The logo of the Lamborghini for I phone 5 would be great! I can’t find it any where

  • Jeff

    Can you please upload some dj or edm wallpapers?

  • Nan


  • Guest

    This one

  • Guest

    This one :)

  • Nan


  • Nan

    Arrow crew!

  • obed betancourt

    Please Make this for iPhone 6 please

  • Sajjad Hossain

    Hey Guys please i need chloe grace moretz wallpaper for iphone 6 plus

  • obed betancourt


  • obed betancourt

    make this for iPhone 6 please

  • Arthur

    Please, make this for iPhone 6. Thanks :)

  • Tomek S
  • Nan

    Make this textless please.

  • Steven

    this one please for iphone 6 =D

  • Steven

    this one please for iPhone 6 =D

  • Steven

    this one for iPhone 6 =D

  • Steven

    iPhone 6 please =D

  • Fan

    This isn’t a request but just a praise of, the implementation of this website and the ease of adding wallpapers to my phone is outstanding. Superb job and please keep up the fantastic work. Thank you, and I’ll make sure to pass the word around.

    • :) My Pleasure!!! You are awesome!

  • Real Madrid Fans

    This one please for all the Real Madrid fans in the world

  • Real Madrid Fans

    This wallpaper for the Real Madrid fans all over the world

    • Stephen

      Yes please! HALA MADRID!!!

  • Real Madrid Fans


  • These artworks would make great wallpapers for the iPhone 6!

  • Amber Smith

    how about this?

    Elsa Hosk

  • Scott Williamson

    iPhone 6 plus please! Thank you! :)

  • Roy Owen

    iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, and iPad Air versions of these…please

  • Marcus Brown

    Can you convert this into a wallpaper? Thanks!

  • Amir Hackett

    Can you make this for iPhone 6 plus

  • Roy Owen

    Can any of these be converted to iPhone 6 plus wallpapers? Also desktop too? Thanks.

  • Sai Gandham

    these two for iphone 6 please

  • Lolo Basyong PH

    Ashton Irwin please

  • Alegra Orciso

    Ashton Irwin of 5SOS please

  • Alegra Orciso

    Ashton Irwin2 5SOS

  • Alegra Orciso

    Ashton Irwin3 5SOS

  • Alegra Orciso

    Ashton Irwin4 5SOS PLEASE?!?!?!

  • Marcus Brown

    Could you make this into an iPhone 6 Wallpaper? Thanks!!

  • Guest

    This picture of Hayley Williams would be awesome!!

  • Taylor

    Please make this one of Hayley Williams!!

  • Taylor

    Make wallpaper for macbook pro please

  • Jethro

    This one please

  • Mandy

    Wallpapers of Tokio Hotel!!!… #PLEASE!!!…

  • Guest

    Any space/smoke recomendations bright please

  • vyirvkvz

    The download option for Android isn’t as intuitive as it was prior. I used to be able to hit the download button and it would instead allow me to set as wallpaper without downloading the image. Now when I hit the download button it just gives me an error message. My brother is also having the same issue. We are both running Android 5.0 on the Nexus 5.

    • Is it from website?

      • Please try with google chrome browser-

  • Velho Do Restelo

    Hello is it possible… To create to 6 plus with earpods?!

  • James Hetfield wallpapers please!

  • Indronil


  • Louis van Gaal

    David de Gea wallpaper would be appreciated :)

  • nikitas222

    Please for iPhone 5

  • Neo Ajaka

    Can you please do your magic :)
    iPhones, Mac Retina & Xperia Series? Thanks!

    • Sorry, we don’t do any offensive images

      • Neo Ajaka

        Sorry, should have been more careful (^^) totally forgot :)

  • dom89

    This for Samsung Galaxy S3 mini please.

    Thanks :)

  • prashant

    Can the windows analogue clock and calendar widgets be displayed on android wallpapers?

  • lifeowner771

    Liverpool badge on the shirt(like the ones with United etc) whould be awesome

  • неизвестный человек

    This one from Jolly Bean

  • Nan

    Kitana Mortal Kombat X 2015

  • AirBoAteng .

    Kendall jenner

  • Ruslan Nabiyev

    This is an amazing piece of Scottish culture, this painting by Henry Raeburn is the pinnacle of Scottish art and culture, you should definitely consider making a wallpaper of it, think about it

  • Caitlyn McClennen

    Pretty skull wallpapers like this one

  • Mits Kuhada

    This one please?

  • Faker

    Hi guys! I’m looking for this wallpaper, can somebody help me please? Thanks!

  • goahtn20

    please make this~iphone6

  • Mausi

    Mind making this for the Xperia Z2 please?

  • Ujjwal Mandlik

    i want this for my 5s!
    for all the fc barcelona fans all over the world!

  • aiLee

    Ohh this one pls
    Huge thanks!

  • KP

    These please?

  • KP

    This too

  • Neo Ajaka

    This one please :)

  • Cody Darr

    make for iPhone 6 Plus, please?

  • Cody Darr

    iPhone 6 Plus please?

  • gluszczenko

    this one please!

  • Nan

    This is great

  • Tyler Howard

    This one please.

  • Guest

    This one PLEASE!!! IPHONE 6

  • Esam

    Ariana Grande!! IPHONE 6!!

  • Xavier

    I was wondering if you could make some clash of clans photos? Anyone is fine. Just multiples.

  • Jonathas Rodrigues

    Iphone 6 Plus

  • Marcio Luiz

    Please makes wallpapers for iphone 5 parallax about the american horror story, specially the season 4 freak show… Thanks

  • Jeth

    Can you make these for iPad 4 please

  • Marla Curenton

    It won’t let me download for my phone. Blu life one L120.

  • Антон Евлах

    good wallpapers)

  • Kevonito

    This one please

  • Andy Tham

    Could you please make these three into ios wallpapers please. Thank you much!

  • Andy Tham

    These two for ios please!!!

  • Prince Singh

    Any wallpaper of Rolls Royce Car plz..

  • lifeowner771

    This please

  • Tess

    The order, game of thrones and house of Cards, Better call Saul. Please and thank you

  • KP

    Could you make these into walls for desktop and iPhone6 Plus? Thanks.

  • Manuel Chamate

    Hey, can someone make a wallpaper for iPhone 4s from this image? Sorry for my english.

  • Rajesh

    Can u make this proper fit my Moto G 1st generation?

  • theCHIVERChance

    I would LOVE to see some amazing Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra wallpapers! I am a huge fan!

  • Kevonito

    Can you guys post some cool shark wallpaper pls

  • KP

    desktop and iphone 6 pls

  • Patrick

    Ronda Rousey wallpapers please????

  • Ali Abdal

    For iPhone 6 please, thank you

  • Yeseniaa ❣

    This one for iPhone 6 plus please!

  • Mohamed Elsayed

    more assassin’s creed wallpapers

  • Cody Darr

    For iPhone 6 Plus!

  • luka

    Chappie? Why no love for Chappie? :(

  • Gabo

    Boca juniors wallpapers


    Lady Gaga please. ARTPOP live at Jimmy Fallon, Harper’s Bazzar Photoshoot, ARTPOP Photoshoot, anything from 2014-2015.

  • ramone12781

    Anything Seattle Seahawks PLEEEEEEAAAASSE!

  • Tyler

    Please do these.

  • Guest

    Could you makes these for 6 plus (iPhone) and dsktop pls?

  • Patrick

    Can I please request for wallpapers for these 2 apple watch variants? Minimalistic as possible! :)

    42mm Space Black Case with Space Black Stainless Steel Link Bracelet


    42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

    Thanks for all the great work!!!

  • aiLee

    This one for iphone 6 plsss

  • Eric Reese

    Black or colored apple logo in the foreground with either clouds/sky or natural sceneries in the background. Many People would love these

  • Mujahid Aljehani

    For iPhone 6 plus please

  • Peter Lawrence

    Can i ask for a wallpaper with the number 23 that has black or white background?

  • bh73

    these photos for desktop please

  • Mythul

    Better page navigation would be nice :)

  • Rodger

    I would love to see Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Soundgarden wallpapers, that would be awesome.

  • Neo Ajaka

    This one please,
    iPhone 6 mainly

  • Guest

    Some Emilia Clarke, please!!

  • Bob

    Emilia Clarke, please!

  • Raul Menendez


  • bh73

    this one for desktop please

  • Tyler

    Please make this for iPad.

  • Bernadette Enriquez

    can you please make this one? 808’s and heartbreak album cover by kanye west

  • Eric

    Im a big Tame Impala Fan, if you’re able to make these work that’d be much appreciated

  • Lox

    Yeezy for iPhone 6 Plus please.

  • London Angeles

    Hi, Admin! I want a Katy Perry wallpaper, please…something from her Prismatic World Tour, pretty please? :)

  • silky09

    have you got any of sydney for retina 15″ macbook pro please?

  • Trey Nelson

    Someone please do this for my desktop!

  • bh73
  • Anar

    pls more manchester united wallpapers

  • Blake Flame

    LA Galaxy Wallpaper pls?

  • Blake Flame

    LA Galaxy wallpaper please

  • Bi!gee

    I need Wallpaper for that on my PC please

  • LaurenzGraphics

    You can upload this minimalistic iPhone 6 background I made.

  • London Angeles

    Hi! I would just like to request a wallpaper something with a touch of Katy Perry-ness please! :)

  • Chalillo

    For iPhone 6 please

  • Hugo

    Can you make this for the iPhone 6 Plus!?

  • Agron Emilio

    For iPhone 6 please! Raise your hand for Emilia Clarke

  • Blake Flame

    Can you do a Chicago Cubs one? much appreciated.

  • Cody

    Will someone adjust the new Batman & Superman posters to make them compatible for iPhone 6 and a laptop background (I have a 13 in macbook pro). Also, I think it would look a lot cooler if the text was removed!

  • sarath

    Dreamcatcher wallpapers please…..

  • Hugo

    This for iPhone 6 plus with blue background?

  • Hugo

    This for iPhone 6 plus with blue background??

  • Hugo

    This for iPhone 6 plus with blue background???

  • Hugo

    This for iPhone 6 plus with blue background?

  • Mark Hachicho

    Perks of Being a Wallflower for Desktop? I always use this site!

  • Rafa

    Can anyone make this for a Iphone 6 plus?

  • Aida Aqilah

    This one in 1920 x 1080 pretty please. Thank you :)

  • David Mills

    There’s a black and white plant wallpaper (sort of looks like a cactus or artichoke) on one of the photos inside the store now. They have marketing for gold phone and laptop, and a silver section. It’s on the white/silver phone on the wall. Anyone have that?

  • David Mills

    There’s a black and white plant wallpaper (cactus maybe?) on one of the phones on the in-store ads on the wall. Anyone know where I can get it?

  • David Mills

    At the Apple Store, there are photos of products on the wall (in-store marketing). There’s a great wallpaper on the white/silver iPhone that I’m looking for. It’s a black & white plant (maybe a cactus). Does anyone else know what I’m talking about, or does anyone have it?

  • chirag

    Please post the wallpaper of Juan Mata

  • Eric Marasigan Charlon

    Any just do it qoutes by nike.. please

  • Hi! I see that you guys uploaded some Avengers wallpapers but Scarlet Witch is missing, could you upload a wallpaper of her? Thank you!

  • Ratinder Gill

    This one for iPad Air please

  • Danny Khalifa

    This one for iphone 5 please!

  • Sung Wang 왕성균

    For iPhone 6 plus and Macbook 13″ Retina Display Please!

  • Jan Pultin

    That Image is Shot in England from me at the Durdle Door, on the left site behind the Durdle Door. I love this Image, that looks so nice!… That Wallpaper is for Desktop and have an Resolution from 4912×2764.

    • Cool paper! Thanks~:) will be up next week~!

  • Aditya Davi

    Can you please make these for android wallpaper please like the rest of the avengers heroes on (Hero Categories) please it would help me alot if you do! Thanks

  • steyn krish

    Can u please add some pictures of cricketers around the world

  • yang4life

    Can I get this for iphone 5

  • Kis Aron

    pls guys make a search bar in the page… Caz if i wanna search by a name i cant…
    I hope you can solve this problem to get the page better! ^^

    • you can find searchbar on / / / and – it is bottom of the page in color~!

  • swsn

    please Do this for macbook pro

    thnxxx :)

  • Kevin Muller

    can u please just have an option to download the original file size? when i select any product then download, it cuts off so much of the photo. thank you

  • Aiman Hardwell

    Pick these for ANY kind of laptops or computers if it fits. :)

    Original: 2015 Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo (2560×1600)

  • Jacob

    Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Please

  • Matteo Piccioni

    Van you add more low-poly pics(Like landscape or characrters stylized)thanks

  • Karlo

    Can you make the quality better?

  • Felix Nino Tetteh

    Please can I get a resized retina mac book version of this

  • Ahmed Muqaddas

    Please this one for both android phones and desktops

  • Sung Wang 왕성균

    For 13″ macbook pro retina and iPhone 6 Plus! Thank you!

  • Sung Wang 왕성균

    for iPhone 6 plus! Please!

  • insane psycho

    Make them for BlackBerry passport in HD.

  • Anonymous

    I created this wallpaper you should post it on your site :)

  • Dana Starck

    How to download pictures?

    • Select your device -> then click blue button to download!

  • A.L.L.A

    this for iphone 5 please

  • Krokodil

    Can you make one of Marilyn Manson like this? Pleaseee.

  • Lena-1313

    Can u put more pics from Taylor swift, Demi lovato and Katy perry??? Like this???

  • Lena-1313

    This one plz

  • Ohanzi

    Can anyone fine some iPhone 6 shelf wallpaper and the Blueprint ??.. I can’t find any and the ones I do find don’t fit the screen.

  • Ameen Farooq

    need it in 1366 by 768 and 2880 by 2560

  • Ameen Farooq

    plz can i get it in 1366 by 768 and 2880 by 2560

  • Sam Marfleet

    This one for sony xperia z2 please

  • Sam Marfleet

    This one for sony xperia z2 please

  • Ali H (Nimah)

    Thank so much for this great site.can u post some marlon brando and other classic actors.tanx

  • jyoti mollick

    This one for iPhone 6 plus please…………………

  • left-sided

    This for the mac 13″ please

  • Julio Molina

    This for iPhone 6/6+ please thank you

  • Shukry Sukhilmi

    Could you please rescale this image at 1440×900 for Macbook Air since the current resolution is at 1280×827. Thank you guys so much for helping me.

  • Jp Celera

    Can you make the ios 9 official wallpaper for iPhone 6 Plus? Please.

  • Jp Celera


  • LeJunny

    A more HD version of this default iOS 9 wallpaper

  • arawe kenrisky bhaskara


  • Sarah Buzsaki

    For iPhone 6, the litany on fear from Dune would be awesome. The entire quote is preferrable. :)

  • Kris R

    This one for a 5s please! Just the face (provided example)

  • Amir Bruku

    Could you please make this one or another one of no mans sky

  • Burhanudin Ghufron

    could i request HD for this pic :)

  • arawe kenrisky bhaskara

    This pic please

  • Indronil

    this one for 1366 x 768

  • Mohammed Shariq

    I made this myself for the iPhone 6 plus. Hope you like it!

  • frank

    An iphons 6 wallpaper with namie amiro please

  • JoeCal

    Could you please make this for iPad??

  • SwaggyT

    Can you do a GoT iPhone 6 wallpaper of Daenerys Targaryen & Arya Stark? Please and thank you!

  • KP

    iPad, iPhone, and Desktop please?

  • Suho

    Hi is it possible to have this one but without the blur on the outside? thanks!

  • Satyendra Singh

    This one for iPhone 6 plus please!

  • Suho

    This but with out the blur pls and is there one for a 1440×2560 resolution? thanks!

  •  Yahya Khan 

    This or any other picture of starfire from the TV show “Teen titans go!”

  • Eatpotatoeveryday

    Where can I get some anaglyph wallpapers for iPhone 6?

    Thanks :)

  • Aris Rovas

    How can i upload a picture

  • Aris Rovas

    how i can upload a wallapaper

  • KP

    For Mac and iOS please?

  • Jae An

    Can you make Tove Lo wallpaper?

  • Jae An

    For iphones?

  • Gigi Spuler C.


  • Gabe

    These for iPhone 5 and MBP retina 13 please. Appreciate your hard work

  • david

    make this one please for iphone 6
    ford focus rs

  • Gabe

    These for iPhone 5 and MBP retina 13 please. Thank you for your hard work :)

  • Andra

    Please make this one for retina macbook pro 13″. thank you

  • Jeff

    Hello. Can I request for these wallpapers for iPhone 6? Thank you in advance.

  • KP

    iOS and OS X?

  • Matthew Kim

    Can you guys upload tattoo pic?plz

  • Jose

    I really want a Mexico team logo

  • Jason Curenton

    Can I have thesethese 2 done for the Note 4 HD

  • Jason Curenton

    Can you complete this one in the highest resolution for the note 4? I would appreciate it. Thanks

  • Clement Lefebure

    This one with more grey background on top (over the head) for iphone 5 pls :)

  • Sarah Jean

    Can you guys have CHRISTINA PERRI PLEASE? Thank you!!!! My internship supervisor told me about you guys. All the hard tasks his giving me was paid off cause of that. Teehee.

  • Karan

    Can you please please do similar to this polygon design?

  • sultan

    Is there any wallpaper for alhilal FC in the sport section? Plz

  • Candaş

    iPhone 6 Plus please

  • Shivam Patel

    hey please do this for samsung note 4 size, and if your developers are free for some time then please make PAPERS.CO application for ANDROID. thank you.

  • Edwin Cordero

    Tauriel from the Hobbit for iPhone 6

  • Suman

    Can you make this pic as Moto e 1st gen wallpaper please…

  • Arjun Dilip

    this one for iphone 6 plus please

  • Jonathan (

    Do you guys plan on posting Windows Phone wallpapers? :D

    • what specific device are you using?

      • Jonathan (

        Lumia 730.

        • There’sNOKIA / MICROSOFT section-

  • 박동진

    This one for iphone 6 please

  • Cameron pina

    This one for iPhone 6 plus please & thank you !!!

  • riko

    Can you please make a Mercedes g-class wallpaper for iPhone 6?

  • Muay Thai PLEASE!!

  • Nina

    Could you guys make these into wallpapers? Thanks!

  • Ragupathy

    Can you post wallpapers of wolverine the x-men character

  • Витька

    Is it possible to get this in 2560×1600?

  • Shasha

    Can you please have app for Android phones..

  • TheGe RiG

    stock wallpapers of galaxy s6 EDGE+ and galaxy note 5 please

  • Pranith Jain

    a wall paper with theme like effect one for home screen and one for lock screen

  • Bbguy

    Please post some nice “Auroral motivating” wallpapers for my BlackBerry.

  • Abdulla Aiman

    get me this to iphone 5

  • Aj Smith

    This one without the text please!

  • Sam

    Weeknd wallpaper? :)

  • Stephanie Artifice

    This one please!

  • Stephanie Artifice

    And this

  • kass

    For iphone 5 please

  • Jason Baroni

    HD iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, please!

  • awthil

    These of OnePlus 2.. Will come your app for Android? Thanks

  • jyoti mollick

    This one for Macbook pro 15″ hi-res please………………

  • Keith Fink

    For Desktop maybe one featuring a turntable. Black and white or regular. Thanks!

  • KP

    Any of these for iPhone or desktop?

  • Luis Jurado

    Manchester City! Please!!!

  • Kam

    Is it possible to get a New Orleans Saints wallpaper for the iPhone 6s +?

  • Nicholas

    can you make this HD for iphone 4s

  • Franklin G

    This 3 Wallpapers

  • Šûjîth Rj

    minions plz fro i6

  • Unknown

    These ones for iphone 6 please

  • Unknown

    This one for iphone 6 please

  • Unknown

    For iphone 6 please

  • mrjvsxiij

    This one for iPhone 6s Plus please & thanks. If possible send it to my email

  • Rodrigo Lopez

    Please! Make a wallpaper of Armani Exchange logo!! It would be Great!

  • Croc Doodle

    Can u guys create some pixelated wallpapers.Please (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

  • Dinedh

    I need iphone 6s blue fish wallpapers for iphone 6

  • sametin

    Please this one for Mac Retina 15′

  • chris14353

    Are there any cityscape wallpapers with day and night versions of the same photo?

  • Jonnie Edelson

    More Spider-Man wallpapers please! :)

  • Victor Velez

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could show me how to get this picture in max resolution. Saving this picture in jpg just isn’t the same. If anybody this file in higher quality please let me know :D

  • Victor Velez

    Would it be possible to get a higher resolution version of this wallpaper? maybe having it in a zip file? :D

  • Unknown

    This one for the iphone 6 please!!!

  • Want this for iPhone 6!

  • Ary’z Dasgupta

    Please upload blackberry 10 wallpaper

  • Patrick

    Can i request for hires versions of the porsche design logo? iphone 6 plus and ipad air 2 versions please?

  • Jan Paul Panes

    Can you please do GAME OF THRONES? like Valar Moghulis phrase or something just game of thrones. please

  • Masud Rana

    This one for iPhone 6 plus

  • Dhananjay Aggrawal

    Kung fu panda 3 please !

  • Roberto Alexander Yarleque

    Would you please make this for iphone 6 ? The highest definition please .. Id Love this wallpaper

  • PY

    I got this wallaper from here guys, but its for iPhone 5/5S.. I LOVE IT, i wish i can find it for iPhone 6S Plus & Mac Retina display!!

  • Mayur Jain

    Sort wallpapers which perfectly blends with the “color” of iPhone. It really helps
    Like the black tone wallpaper perfectly blends with my Grey iphone 6 in image attached below

  • Karan Kohli

    please provide ios9 wallpapers high quality asap

  • Felicity

    Can you make some more Captain America and/or Chris Evans wallpapers please? :)

  • Tyler

    One similar to this but with Avengers characters in the classic “A” logo

  • Everyone needs a Stormtrooper #forceawakens

  • And this if you want it extra minimal :)

  • ebetzkie

    for iphone 6 please

  • ebetzkie

    for iphone 6 please

  • Please :)

  • Jeevi

    Hi guys, please help me with the Iphone 6 wallpapers for these 3 pics

    • Jeevi

      guys any help on this is much appreciated.. thanks..

  • Sonu Dash

    Can you make some minimalistic inspirational wallpapers? It would be great!

  • Raphael

    Please, put on some Christmas wallpapers! Thanks!

  • Lucas Vale

    They could make some wallpapers from shigatsu wa kimi no uso?

  • Raphael

    Please, post some Christmas wallpapers! Thanks!

  • Fred Perrý

    Please post ios 9 and Apple iPhone 6s live photos too. The page still has the option of iOS 8 m. Why not iOS 9?

  • hottt

    This one for iphone 6+ please:)

  • Balaji

    Please search that green flower wallpaper

  • ankur sharma

    This wallpaper in 1366×768 dimension.
    And if possible, where in world is this location?

  • Jesse Pentecost

    Please add BlackBerry Priv to the BlackBerry section :)

  • Franklin G

    This wallpapers

  • Franklin G

    what about this wallpapers fit ggod with the s6 Edge

  • Ray

    This one for iphone 5 please!

  • Igi Espeleta

    Please convert this for an iPhone 6 wallpaper. Thanks!

  • Lee Dang


  • Igi Espeleta

    For iPhone 6, please! Thank you very much!

    Female wrestler Paige if anyone is wondering.

  • Gold

    Can anyone please make this fit the iPhone 6?


  • Ryan

    Hey! Please, please, please can you make this wallpaper for all devices and also can you find the gold version and Space Grey version for all devices. It was an In store ad Apple ran around the time of the MacBook & Apple Watch Were launched. Thank you!

    • Ryan

      Not sure if you are able to see the image.

  • Ryan

    Please add more Christmas wallpapers for all devices. Could you also add iPad Pro and maybe even Apple Watch to the Apple section ? Thank you.

  • Nahwin Rajan

    hi guys,

    really great job with the wallpaper and website!! Amazing!!

    do you mind creating wallpapers of red mazda cx-5 with dark background and a beautiful japanese lady (emi takei / aoi yu / satomi ishihara / shizuka nakamura ) ?

  • SamsAHuman

    This batman for iPhone 6 plus

  • Leonid

    Please add))

  • Momak

    This one for iPhone 6 please :)

  • Momak

    For iphone 6

  • Jae An

    For iPhone 6S please!

  • Glauber Braga

    I’d like to see these with a white background. That would be nice

  • SamsAHuman

    This one for iPhone 6 Plus please.

  • Luiza Heinze

    This one for iPhone 6s, please

  • Vincent Jaya Putra

    Hello, can you make this one for my blackberry passport please? Thank’s guys!

  • Vincent Jaya Putra

    Hello, can you make this one for my blackberry passport 1440×1440 please? Thank’s guys!

  • Vincent Jaya Putra

    This one for blackberry passport please, 1440×1440.. Thanks!

  • cicatrix12

    this in 2560X2560??

  • Ummer Shariff

    I want fcb and sports cars wallpapers for my 6 pls


    This one for iPad Air Please…

  • Ilham Rais Salisa

    Twice, red velvet, snsd full member please #kpop #girlband #korean #artist #singer
    (full member in one photo/picture)

  • Ilham Rais Salisa

    Got7, ikon, bts full member please #kpop #boyband #korean #artist #singer (full member in one photo/picture)

  • Ledsteplin

    Valentine’s Day?

  • Mathew Lawrence

    This one for iphone 6 please

  • Justin Mahram

    Can someone find this wallpaper

  • Justin Mahram

    Can someone find this

  • Sung Wang 왕성균

    for iphone 6 plus please!

  • gk19

    Jon Hamm Mad Men wallpaper plz for the iphone 6+

  • KingNeves

    Can you make a nice HD Miami Heat logo with black background pleaseeeeee

  • Keith Fink

    Could you guys consider making or picking one or two wallpapers for the movie “Fight Club”?

  • Pavan Mgv

    Please get some hd wallpapers of KTM bikes especially KTM RC 200 for pc.High resolution.Thank you

  • Jesus Pantaleon

    Can you make one of the iron man suit mark 46 from the scene of the last battle in age of ultron? Please and thank you!

  • Jauzed

    Minimalistic and your missing this sexy one.

  • Beastflexx

    Wish there were some “ZooTopia” wallpapers for iphone6 plus

  • Sadike

    These for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

  • Andy Tham

    The red Batman v Superman logo please :)

  • Sungmin.P

    iphone6plus plz

  • RRR

    More Mike Tyson wallpapers that can fit in center like this? Doesn’t matter i6 or i6 plus. Thanks!!!!

  • Benavolent Tennyson

    assasins creed emblem pls :D

  • Latifi Ilir


  • Vendetta

    I like most of the Apple logo wallpapers but it would be nice if they made more.

  • Shamail

    Can someone create wallpaper of my cricket club. That look like the Chelsea Wallpaper. I posted the picture on my club logo. If you do that plz send me the wallpaper at

  • Eli King

    Ben affleck’s Batman

  • Partha Roy

    Please share a grunge Indian flag without inner rim

  • Omar Ashraf

    This one plz

  • Kanwarpal Singh

    Please add CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR wallpaper on spirit of the movie’s release

  • KingNeves

    Can you make a Miami Heat logo wallpaper with a black background? All the heat fans would thank you

  • Kanwarpal Singh

    Hi guys..
    Please add more Barbara Palvin and Candice swanepoel wallpapers…😄

  • Ashish Peddada

    For iPhone 5. Is it possible? Thanks in advance

  • Julio

    Can you get a Majin Vegeta wallpaper for an iPhone 6 Plus

  • Anakin Verma (AJ)

    Hi. Could you do a Manchester United One similar to the Chelsea one you guys did.

  • Albert

    Can someone please create these wallpapers for iMac 21″, iPhone 6 & iPad Air 2?

  • Mac Master

    Add pic of emma watson

  • Soueres Anthony

    Macos Sierra Wallpaper

  • Lumi Nuri

    I posted this image on my website a while ago,
    and I clearly wrote that I don’t want it to be seen anywhere else.

    Check out my website
    the image is the third one from the bottom
    You will see that it is exactly the same one

    Is there any way you can delete the image from

    • Hi,

      The image is free stock image, not yours, and we’ve uploaded 2 years ahead of yours.
      Why do you want us to remove the image?

  • Utkarsh Mehta

    IOS 10 wallpaper for iPad mini

  • Alex Jung

    These ones for iPad and iPhone please

  • 7s

    You guys got this full wallpaper? Its from

  • 7s

    You guys have this full hd wallpaper?


    Could you please this use this one:

  • Igi Espeleta

    Hi can you please make a wallpaper from the animated series Bob’s Burgers? Thanks!

  • Nathalia de Oliveira

    Could you do some wallpapers of ‘Paramore’?

  • Shibil

    Can i have a iphone wallpaper with some gaming charactors like the new kratos or the new watch dogs 2 charactor or some cool patterns inside a straight triangle or an upside-down triangle.
    The images attached are examples or which can be used to put inside a triangle.

  • Astrid Lucia Orellana

    Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s please!

  • Ítalo Augusto Hernández Cabaña

    Pease make it 1920 x 1080 p

  • Sirluffy

    This one in the background please.

  • Angela

    This picture for iphone 6 please. :)

  • Przemek

    Can someone make this one for iPhone 6s please.

  • Kim Bajas

    This one please? For iphone 6 thanks

  • Hendrix

    this one for iphone 5 please. thankyou.

  • Gabriel D’Angelo

    Can I have this turned into an iPhone 6s wallpaper without the words? Just the picture

  • Katrine Lao

    Stranger Things Wallpapers please! Please make this

  • xXMinecraftGamerXx

    Can you do this camera?
    If so, please make this FAMOUSSS!!!

  • Nina

    Can you guys make some wallpapers of Stranger Things (the Netflix original)?

    • Nina

      Something like these ones.

  • Balli

    This one for Iphone 6 plus please

  • Alex

    These for ipad air2 please

  • Can you make some wallpapers of Paramore, please?

  • Sainath Reddy


  • Hendrix

    really want this photo to be my wallpaper. please make this one. thankyou!

  • Lorenzo “Easy Game” Troiano

    I would a tattoo girl pic for iPhone 6 thanks

  • vignesh

    i want more game of thrones wallpapers…….

  • tugs battugs

    Could you make one with like blood dripping drown from the top of the picture the background white or black and in the middle put the supreme logo but instead of supreme put Mary so it’s like “Bloody Mary”

  • Jack James
  • Marcusㅤ

    This one please for iphone 6 and if someone could tweet it at me that would great:

  • Marcusㅤ
  • Please add wallpapers from the TV Shows “The Originals”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Teen Wolf” and “The 100”.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Andrew
  • LaSabra Team

    Can you please make a Whitewater Wildcats logo for my school based off of this?

  • Mark Torres

    Justin Bieber wallpaper for iPhone 7 Plus

  • Azizjon Bakhadirov
  • Savy Kapoor

    pusheen cat and angry birds

  • Neranga Baddage
  • Parsa Fallahi
  • Parsa Fallahi

    I’d like to upload this image 1080×1920

  • Parsa Fallahi

    Is this possible to upload it? I want this in 1080×1920 for iphone 6s

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